Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Extract from Alchemy

An interesting passage from Alchemy - by Margaret Mahy -

"It's been different for me from the way it's been for you," said Jess. "Being at school and all that has been like real life for you, hasn't it, but it's been like camouflage for me. In the beginning I came to school like a lot of little kids do, thinking I was so wonderful that people would see my wonder and like me for it.But, of course, they didn't. I mean they didn't mind me,but they didn't take any real notice of me,and they still don't, as long as I do reasonably well (but not too well) and don't rock any boats. I'm not pretty, or good at sports,or anything distracting like that, but I'm not bad at things either.So I just cruise along, looking dim - but not too dim, because there are some teachers with ideals who might try helping me if they thought I was slow, and I don't want help. I come home - slam the door behind me and just sink into it - into the colour or the sound or whatever you want to call it. I go back into my own head, I suppose ... back into my own cells and further back, until the stuff of the world makes way for me and I can go in every direction."

To me this sounds like many teenagers at school.

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