Saturday, March 17, 2007

Street Kid - Judy Westwater

This is not the sort of book I usually read, but it is one of those books that has had a profound effect on me. I keep thinking about the life that Judy had and it seems to put my petty little problems into perspective.

It is a true story about a girl who is abused and treated like an animal by her parents - she keeps her belief in herself and in spite of the travels and the tribulations, she finds inner strength to go on.

A wonderful book, but very difficult to read - I kept having to put it down and walk away as it was hard to keep reading it due to the content although I wanted to know what happened. It is distressing in parts and I kept thinking, "How could someone do that to a child?"

Depressing and uplifting at the same time - depressing that people can do such things to each other, and uplifting that the human spirit can overcome such adversities.

More info about the charity the author set up here
Interview with the author

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