Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amber Spyglass

I have just finished reading The Amber Spyglass which completes my reading of the Dark Materials series. I enjoyed this one even more than the other two.

It is a long book, but whizzed by - a great page turner. Will and Lyra this time move between multiple worlds and meet up with some old friends at various times. They seem a lot more mature in this book, even though they are still relatively young. With the events they have been through, that is hardly surprising.

I loved the mulefa who appear about half way through the book - they are so cool. The description of them is just weird - I find it hard to visualise them. The descriptions of the travel from and to the other worlds is very well described, and raises some interesting points about the universe as we see it.

There is a lot more theology in this book, which might put some people off, and the Church is not painted in a very good light. Also some of the characters seem to have changed drastically in this book.

I suggest that if you are interested in reading this, then you should get your hands on the other books in the series so that you follow the characters through different universes and storylines in order to understand the worlds they inhabit.

Overall 5 stars.

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