Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Excellent poem

Secret passage

Inside this poem
is a secret door
You cannot see it
but it's there for sure.

Behind this word
is a little lever.
Take firm hold
and give a little heave,a

panel will open
to reveal a stair
leading down to...
I wonder where??

Down these steps
it's dark as night,
so take this torch
'cause we'll need some light.

Here at the bottom
is a dusty door.
This is getting interesting,
more and more...

Fumble at the wall,
find a little catch,
give a little tug,
release the latch,

give it a push,
the door creaks wide,
tread in carefully,
and you're inside.

Inside what?
Well, it's a sort of
vault full of all the things
you've ever thought of.

Now this is the kind
of adventure I love -
but what's that noise
on the page above?

Ulp, oh no...
come and have a look.
We've gone and got trapped here.
Someone's shut the book!

© 1998, Tony Mitton
From: Plum
Publisher: Scholastic, London, 1998
ISBN: 0439364094

I have put a few more great poems by him on my wiki

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lifelongreader said...

This is a great poem to have students read together - I have them choose lines and then they recite it with actions.

Great content.