Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jodi Picoult works on Wonder Woman

Bestselling author tackles comic books (source here)

"Jodi Picoult is known as a serious novelist. Her latest effort, "Nineteen Minutes," is currently sitting in the top five on the New York Times bestseller list and has earned rave reviews from such publications as The Washington Post and Publishers Weekly.

But "Nineteen Minutes" isn't the only new project bearing the 40-year-old writer's name. There's also the latest issue of DC Comics' "Wonder Woman."

Picoult's five-issue run doing the title makes her only the second woman to write the character in its 66-year history. But despite the assignment's historical significance, when DC originally approached her to pen the story -- the company had noticed a character in Picoult's "The Tenth Circle" was a comic-book penciller -- she wasn't entirely sure she had the time (or the desire) to do it.

Her children convinced her otherwise."

I thought this was interesting : I have not read any of Picoult's books (yet), but I probably will sometime. Sounds like this could be an interesting concept - Wonder Woman was originally portrayed in a 1970s TV series by Lynda Carter. Thirty or so years down the line, I think we are due an update.

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