Monday, April 16, 2007

InkHeart - the movie

Just found this which is from a blog by one of the guys who has been doing animatronics on InkHeart :


Just wrapped on this movie which I think is going to be a cracker. Our animatrnic (sic) creatures feature quite heavily and we're excited about how the shoot whent (sic) and how featured our work was. We also got to work with our good friend Paul Kasey, the star creature performer from Doctor Who, who plays the main animatronic creature in the movie."

Unfortunately he does not have any pictures posted, he is probably not allowed to as the movie industry likes to keep things under wraps.


lifelongreader said...

Has anyone got a release date for this movie yet?

nessie said...

March 19th 2008. Sad but true. is a great source for all details such as these when it comes to film.

lifelongreader said...

Thanks nessie, that is bad news, indeed.

When I saw that it was post production, with animatronics completed I was hoping by December.