Friday, April 20, 2007

At the minute

I am currently reading a couple of books, (The Subtle Knife - reread, and Sophie's World - reread) and have just discovered a great online book here by L. Lee Lowe - as if my TBR is not big enough - now there are online books as well! Will this never end? He also has podcast links as well, so I might download those as well.

I have read the first couple of chapters of the novel and it is very interesting, and gripping so far.

I like the idea he has of sharing his work, and when the book is finished, it will be available as a pdf file. There are also podcasts available for those who want to listen to the book. That is a lot of work! Very cool, Lee - keep up the great work.

When I checked and read some of the comments here at Big a Little a about the Book Thief (which is on my TBR list), I think now I might leave that until later on my list. I read the blurb and wasn't excited - WW2 leaves me cold, but maybe I will feel like reading this one day as so many people rate it.


Kelly said...

LLR: I have read tons of WWII books and was obsessed with them as a child. This one, like I said, was a good book, but didn't add to the discussion.

lifelongreader said...

Hi Kelly,

the problem for me is not which books to read - it is finding them. It depends on what I see where. I picked up a copy of Sophie's World in a second hand bookshop, but it is hit and miss for me as I am not usually in countries where English books are readily available.

But I will check out the Book Thief as I like the sound of it.

Lee said...

Thanks so much for your kind remarks about Mortal Ghost. They make my day - especially since I'm really struggling with my new novel!