Thursday, March 15, 2007

Street Kid

Although I have just finished Alchemy, which is a great book and I feel I should do a review on that I feel I need to post even now about a book I am 150 pages into. It is Street Kid and was passed to me by one of my students. It is a true story about a child growing up in horrendous circumstances and is absolutely enthralling, but also VERY disturbing. I feel that I have to put the book down and walk away as I find it too much at one sitting - which is why I am here at the computer now, taking a break from it.

So why is it on here?

I feel that any student should read it and realise how lucky they are to have parents who love them (even if you have the odd fight or disagreement) - this story shows you what parents can be like.

So you may have an argument with your parents about buying you the newest mobile phone, or getting a new piercing or your grades at school - this book puts things into perspective.

Thanks, Amal - this book has been an eye opener for me - review coming in one or two days.

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